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Specialists in International Removals Between The UK, Spain and France, Portugal or Gibraltar, Local National and International Deliveries - INSURANCE


Our IVECO Daily Jumbo's can carry 17 cubic meters or 1000 kgs. If you know the size of your load then we can give you a quote based on the sizes given. However with household property it is sometimes difficult to estimate the weight and volumetric size.

Please have a think about what you are looking to send, how many boxes you may need to use for your contents, sizes of boxes relevant to the items you are looking to put in them and if possible, run a tape measure over the furniture so I can accurately work out the cost. If you don't have all this information to hand, I can work out an estimate based on a good description of the goods being sent.

If you are relocating from a main residence here are a few things to think about:

Useful information to get a quotation is whether furniture can come apart, like wardrobes and desks; Whether any beds are frame or divan and whether there is a mattress accompanying the bed, etc. Also don't forget things like garden furniture, tools, Hoovers, pictures, ornaments, etc. If you are in any doubt, please do contact me so I can discuss this in greater detail with you either by phone, text or email.

You can use any boxes or strong bags to move items as we do not tie you to any particular size or make of box! If you need boxes, I can suggest a few very good places to get them from in the UK and Spain.

Once your load and dates have been agreed you will be asked to pay a small deposit to confirm your booking. You will then be asked to pay 50% on collection and the remaining balance on delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

If you like, you can also download this Estimate Form and use this as a guide or fill out the relevant boxes. Once completed, attach it to an email and send it back to us and we’ll work out the total cost.

On collection, you will be asked to sign a declaration stating that there are no Alcohol, drugs or firearms being shipped. This is for customs and/or any boarder control purposes.

If you would like to secure your booking, please could you kindly make a payment through Paypal, corresponding to the size of the shipment you have:

Please Secure Your Reservation and Pay Your Deposit Here:
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