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Specialists in International Removals Between The UK, Spain and France, Portugal or Gibraltar, Local National and International Deliveries - Testimonials

We do pride ourselves in the service we offer striving to go "that extra mile". We have had many testimonials sent to us which we really appreciate and have included some below. Please take some time to read the comments below:

"We used Man & Van In Spain to get the contents of our house from Liverpool to Alcaidesa. This was no mean feat. Even after clearing what felt like most of the contents of our house, we still had a load of stuff to come with us. Luckily, Carl was not phased by the amount of stuff & proceeded to calmly & methodically load the van. Carl's professionalism & experience gave us confidence & that our stuff would make it to Spain in one piece & it did.

Carl was prompt on arrival & did not hurry us to load the van. In the end, the load took 5 & a half hours. On delivery, Carl was again prompt & in no immediate rush to unload. He also was so helpful in getting the house ready to receive our stuff, which involved allen keys & moving heavy dining room tables into the basement. Carl also helped moved our furniture to where we wanted it, as opposed to just offloading it into the living room. This was a fantastic help as some of the furniture had to go up 2 flights of stairs!

Once again, we are very thankful of Carl & his professional & friendly service. If we were to move again, I would not hesitate in contacting Man & Van in Spain again. The question would be would they move us!

Thanks again Carl - you really helped our move to be that little bit less stressful!

Duncan & Clare" - November 2012

I have just enjoyed the benefit of the superb service of Carl Martin (Man & Van in Spain) in transporting my wife & I and our personal effects from Marbella in Spain to the UK via land & sea, as we returned to our roots after over 11 years abroad.

The reason I offered this testimonial is that it would have been one thing to just be transported, but Carl, very personably, took care of our every need, down to the finest detail, in a thoroughly professional manner, and I don't hesitate to recommend his services for any transportation requirement between Spain and the UK or vice versa.

Thankyou again, Carl.

Jeremy Rees - August 2012

While we have been building our property in Spain we have used your “Man in a Van” service 4 times. We have found you very polite, completely reliable, very competitive, prompt in the collection of the goods, which were delivered at the times agreed, taking care in loading the goods into the van, carefully packing fragile items, ensuring that the goods reach their destination on time and with no damage and taking great care unloading the van.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you and will in the future no doubt use your services again.

Kind regards

John & Penny Yarnall - June 2012

A professional and reliable service! We had over 30 boxes of household items, suitcases, 40" tv etc. etc., which was safely moved from Cheshire to Granada Province without hitch. Our thanks to Carl for keeping us informed of the shipment and arrival times. A hard working man who deserves to grow his business!

J & S Berry. June 2012

Dear Carl, This letter is long overdue, and for that, I apologise. You very kindly and capably moved us from the Cotswolds to the Costa del Sol in late June and I’ve been meaning to write and thank you again ever since. That I haven’t done so until now has been a source of nagging guilt, for you did such a sterling job for us, as well as being a great guy to meet. My only excuse – and really I have none – is that we were settling in and enjoying life so much down here! All that said, thank you so much for going above and beyond to meet our removal date requirements, and for moving our stuff in such an efficient, fast and secure manner in that “Tardis” of a van of yours!
Beyond that you also took my son’s goldfish with you – and that had been a source of anxiety to him for some weeks prior as he didn’t want to leave them in the UK (give them away).
I hope you are your family are well, that the “trips” are going smoothly, and that you are getting as much work as you want when you want it. Once again I apologise for my procrastination in contacting you to say thank you. I really enjoyed meeting with you and would recommend you to anyone wishing to move down here (or move back to the UK).
Very Best Regards,

Sean Cook - September 2011

We were moving our whole household from Barcelona to Northumberland. We got a lot of quotes from international removal companies, and Carl’s offer was by far the best in terms of price and delivery dates.

The whole process of relocating back to the UK was challenging and tiring, but working with Carl was the most enjoyable part of the experience.

He emailed us the night before to confirm his ETA, and kept us updated. He turned up exactly on time (a miracle in Spain), and was very patient while the local police took half an hour to move some bollards so he could park next to our building. He surveyed the chaos of our packing, and reassured us that everything would fit in the van, and then loaded it in very carefully. He was a lot more appreciative of our 3 and 5 year-old girls trying to help with the packing than we were!

Carl organised his schedule so that he would arrive at our village in Northumberland early in the morning as we requested. The kids were very pleased to see him again, and to meet his lovely daughter who had joined him on this part of the trip. Carl unloaded and helped us get everything into the house. Everything was in perfect condition, testament to his smart packing and careful driving.

It was a real pleasure to get this service from Carl. He’s a great guy, really friendly, with lots of stories, and you can tell he really enjoys his work. Most of all, he took the stress and worry out of the move for us.

We highly recommend Carl’s Man and Van in Spain service to anyone moving stuff or themselves between Spain and U.K. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our experience.

Tim and Fran R - July 2011

I’d like to thank you once again for a great service, Carl. You responded to our enquiries faster than anyone else we contacted with knowledgeable / experienced answers even though our requirements were not standard (moving from Costa del Sol, Spain to Zurich, Switzerland within 10 days) and your price was very reasonable and competitive against everyone else we contacted. Most importantly, you could meet our demanding deadline. Some other companies only managed to respond weeks after we enquired! I wish you all the best in the future and will tell anyone I know that needs your moving services to visit

Jason Quillian - April 2011

Not to make you blush, but I just wanted to thank you very much for easing the passage back to the UK. I was delighted with your service, friendliness, punctuality, communication, van packing skills and help. It was truly appreciated. I will be recommending you to friends in Spain and England.

Nick - Barcelona - May 2010

Thanks Ian, have been following you and my goods on twitter, is a great use for it. More than happy to write an excellent testimonial. Now I know we have a good system may well have another part load sometime. safe journey back. thanks

Carl - Brighton & Coin - October 2010

Just a quick email to say thank you for my succesful move to Spain. I must say you were very reliable, efficient and courteous to me and my dog in the move. Also being careful with my posseions as I never suffered one damaged article. I won't hesitate in recommending you to anyone who wants to move to or from the UK. Thanks

Sue - Liverpool & Niguelas - May 2010

In the past year Ian has collected several small valuable loads of 1 – 2 cubic meters for me from the UK to my Dive School here in Almuñecar. He has been reliable and made the whole process easy with excellent communication, often at very short notice. Ian offers great value for money with no hidden costs!!

Shaun Bellamy – Buddy Dive Centre, Almuñecar

In this day and age of falling standards and values – and don’t get me on “well you’ve just got to get your Spanish head on” - else I’ll scream the place down. Billy and I were over in the UK in November and saw a fabulous leather lounge corner unit with two swivel arm chairs in DFS and a dining room table and eight chairs in Harveys. Loved them at first sight but how to get them to our house on Montesol in Spain was our dilemma – up to the plate steps’ Ian Read, the very competent and capable man with a van in Spain. We had heard a few good stories about Ian from our neighbours so when we saw his advert in a local news letter our minds were made up.

Ian had to do a considerable amount of dealings with the stores on our behalf – thank you Ian - and he had to go to the retail park in Romford Essex to collect from DFS because they wouldn’t deliver to the collection depot in Basingstoke. Anyway the upshot was that he collected everything – just as he said he would, when he said he would. He delivered it to us in Spain like he said he would, when he said he would and everything came to us in perfect condition. He also has very reasonable rates and does exactly what he says he is going to do exactly when he says he’s going to do it. We were very impressed with their professionalism and organisational skills – first class Ian and Irene. Thank you very much.

Janet and Bill McGaughin – Montesol – March 2010

We wanted to thank you very much for the great service we received from you and request you add this to your testimonials on your web site.

We had to have lots of possessions transported from a little village in Cordoba to a new address in the UK. All three loads were handled with professional, friendly and prompt service. The first load, which gave us even more confidence in using Ian, was delivered to us in the UK on the first day of the traffic chaos nationwide through the heavy snow we had had. Ian managed to get through and deliver, making our kids happy to have their bikes. The second was as expected, prompt and hassle free and the last which was a very precious cargo, our three dogs (and mother-in-law!), arrived happy. None of our dogs travel very well normally but none of them had been sick nor had they been distressed. I would highly recommend Ian for any form of transportation you need.

Thanks again for everything

Debbie, Paul, Craig, Nicole, Lee & Irene (Woody, Jessie & Misty!) – Feb 2010

"I hired Ian to organise my move to Spain from Brighton in March 2008, as I heard about him from Sandra and Brian and he came highly recommended. All I had to do was set the date and pack up my possessions, and I was assured Ian would take care of the rest. The date duly arrived and so did Ian and the van, on time and ready to load. Ian worked very hard on packing the van in order to both maximize space and protect fragile items from damage – not easy when one of the items is a motorcycle. We made to port in plenty of time for the ferry and the subsequent journey across Spain was smooth and straightforward.

I would recommend Ian Read to anyone who needs their goods moved around quickly and safely, with a minimum of fuss. He transported all my worldly goods from the south of England to Andalucía without anything getting lost or damaged, and did pretty much all the loading and unloading at each end. All in all, a good, efficient service and excellent value for money."

Michaela Bisiker

"I needed to get household goods to my house in Alcaudete, my daughter-in-law told me about Ian Read. I contacted Ian and my goods, including a 6ft mirror where on their way to Spain. The goods were to be delivered to the house on Monday but I couldn’t fly out till Thursday, so I contacted Ian, not a problem he said when you arrive phone me and I will sort a delivery time and day to suit you' goods delivered Friday AM, all in one piece including mirror (no seven years bad luck).

I will certainly be using Man & Van again.

Mike & Sue Heston (Alcaudete)

I needed a man with a van to collect a new kitchen in Jaen but I needed a van with extra length to take the work tops. Ian was the man I needed. Not only was he on time he was amazingly efficient and hard working. His van was clean and tidy inside and out and he had plenty of protective materials and he packed the entire kitchen in no time at all - and then he carefully unloaded every item and placed everything where it was needed. Zero damage. The best, and more than just a man with a van, I’ve ever experienced.

Paul Burton (Bobadilla)

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